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7C’s Wine Pouches Taking Missouri by Storm

7C’s Winery started putting its wines and meads in pouches 2 years ago and they have proven to be a huge success, customers love the convenient, recyclable, green packages. Today most of their wines and meads are available in these 750ml and 375ml pouches.

Are you headed out to the lake, float trip, camping or just relaxing at the beach you can now get premium wines and meads in these convenient packages that go where glass cannot.

Dwight Crevelt, co-owner and winemaker at 7C’s said “We have had an overwhelming response to these pouches; over 60% of our sales are now in pouches, people love them, it’s hard to keep up and we now have stores realizing the potential”.

7C’s has these available at the winery and now has stores carrying them in Bolivar, Lake Ozark, Republic, with Stockton, Springfield and Kansas City coming online shortly.  Additionally, these pouches are available in 38 states via Vino shipper liked the pouches so much they change their system to support them with the reduced shipping cost associated with the pouches vs. bottles.

7C’s Winery is located 1.8 miles north of Walnut Grove MO off Hwy 123 on 560th Rd.
The Winery opened in 2009 and produces wine and mead (wine made from honey). Their motto is “Drink What You Like and Like What You Drink” they offer wines from dry to sweet and everything in between.

7C’s Winery is one of the few wineries that produce Mead, which is an ancient and medieval drink. In fact in medieval times “a new married couple would be given a moon’s worth (month) of honey wine to ensure offspring – hence the term ‘Honeymoon’”.
7C’s Winery also sells its wines and meads in recyclable pouches. These ‘green’ pouches reduce the carbon footprint and go where glass cannot. There are currently two sizes available: a 750 ml pouch with built in tap and a 375ml pouch with a screw cap. These are perfect for camping, hiking, biking, float trips and just everyday use.

More information on this and other events is listed on their website http://www.7cswinery.comand their facebook page Phone 417-788-2263